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Welcome to Fillet Fish Australia. Our filleting tutorials and filleting demos will teach you how to fillet a fish with no waste. Learn from professional filleters cutting locally caught Australian species.

Fish Filleting Tutorial Videos

We offer a comprehensive library of easy to follow video tutorials to teach you how to fillet a fish as well as lessons on skinning, pin-boning and more.

Check out the library of filleting tutorials.

Our video lessons are perfect for recreational fishers, chefs or anyone who wants to learn how to fillet a fish cleanly with good recovery.

Video Library

Fish Filleting Demo Videos

To complement our filleting tutorials we also have an ever growing library of filleting demonstration videos so you can check out professional fish filleters in action.

Learn About Filleting

For useful information, advice and tips on fish filleting including filleting knives, recovery rates and more please browse our filleting information pages.

We have also written a detailed step by step guide on how to fillet a fish.

Fish Portion and Recovery Calculators

Do you need to work out how much whole fish you will have to fillet to get a certain number of portions? Want to know how many kilograms of boneless fillets you will get from a given weight of whole fish?

If so you might find our calculators useful.

Who are We?

We are Konway and Rick from Western Australia. We both grew up in fishing families and spent many years filleting fish professionally (Konway still does), so we know a thing or two about cutting fish.

You can read about our backgrounds in the seafood industry here.

Got Questions?

If you would like to know more about us or our site check out our answers to frequently asked questions.

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