Meet the Guys at Fillet Fish Australia

Konway Challis

Konway Challis is a professional fish filleter with over 15 years experience in the seafood industry in Western Australia. He has worked for many of the major seafood companies in Western Australia and he currently processes fish for a large seafood wholesaler.

Konway's father and grandfather were both professional fishermen who worked the Blackwood River in Augusta, so Konway grew up around fish and took his first job after school at a seafood factory in Geraldton WA.

Apart from his filleting job, Konway also sells top quality fish fillets and seafood through his other business Red Gill Fish.

Rick Knight

Rick also comes from a fishing family, his father and his older brother were professional fishermen and when Rick left school he worked for a couple of years on his dad's fishing boat at the Abrolhos Islands off the WA coast. This is where he first learned how to fillet a fish.

He later worked for several years as a fish filleter at seafood factories in Geraldton and Perth.

These days Rick is a professional software developer. He does all the work on the Fillet Fish Australia website.

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