Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay or signup to watch certain videos?

No. You can watch all of our videos free of charge, no signup required. Please note that all videos are free to watch on our site but they may not be copied, downloaded, or embedded on other websites without our permission. Please see our terms of use page.

Why make an entire website dedicated to filleting fish?

Australia has some of the best seafood in the world and recreational fishing is one of the most popular pass-times in the country. Despite that, at the time we created Fillet Fish Australia there were very few high quality, freely available resources on the Internet to help recreational fishers learn how to fillet a fish properly.

All we could find were a few fishing sites that had one or two pages on filleting and lots of how-to-fillet videos on YouTube made by well-meaning amateurs. Unfortunately most of those videos were about fish that are only caught in other countries and moreover, the quality of the filleting instruction varied wildly.

We wanted to give recreational fishers in Australia a better way to learn how to fillet a fish by creating a dedicated website with an extensive, uniquely Australian library of tutorials created by professional fish filleters.

How do I get really fast like a pro?

First of all, as we state on our advice to new filleters page you should never rush when filleting in an attempt to go faster, it's dangerous and counterproductive.

Professional filleters aren't fast because they rush (keep in mind they have to fillet all day long). They are fast because they have developed a relaxed, smooth technique and they get crazy amounts of practice. A professional filleter will fillet more fish in an average day than most recreational fishers will fillet in a year.

If you want to improve your speed in a safe and effective way we suggest that you:

I can't find a particular species, do you do requests?

If you would like to see a video on a particular species please send us a message. We can't promise anything but as long as we can source the fish easily enough we will probably add it to our list.

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