How to Fillet a Red Emperor (over-the-ribs)

In this tutorial we show you how to use an over-the-ribs technique to fillet a Red Emperor. Filleting Red Emperor over-the-ribs can be a bit tricky due to their steep ribcage but this step by step guide will make it clear.

If you look under the related tutorials for Red Emperor you will find a video of additional tips on filleting over the ribs on a Red Emperor. In that tutorial Konway explains more about the ribs and the pinbones so it should be helpful.

Note the large scallop of meat that can be cut from the head of the Red Emperor during the filleting process, this will give you maximum recovery.

We also suggest you keep the wings as they are delicious on the BBQ or made into a fish stew. Check out the related Red Emperor videos for a tutorial on how to quickly cut out the wings.

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