Recovery Rates

While reading this site or watching our videos you will often come across the phrase 'recovery rate'. This page aims to explain the meaning and importance of the recovery rate when you are filleting a fish.

What is the Recovery Rate?

The recovery rate refers to the weight of fillets expressed as a percentage of the original whole fish weight.

For example: if you fillet 50Kg of whole Pink Snapper and you end up with 18Kg of fillets then your recovery rate is 36%.

The formula for calculating recovery rates is "weight out" (after processing) divided by "weight in" (before processing), times 100, e.g. 18/50 x 100 = 36%.

By the way, if your recovery rate is only 36% on Pink Snapper then you probably need to watch some of our videos ;)

Check out our handy recovery and portion calculators.

What Affects Recovery Rates?

The actual recovery rate you will get depends on a range of factors such as:

Approximate Recovery Rates of Different Species

SpeciesRecovery (%)
Atlantic Salmon (Gilled and gutted)65
Bluespotted Emperor35
Crimson Snapper42
Goldband Snapper40
Rankin Cod32
Red Emperor36
Rock Flathead36
Sharptooth Snapper40
Snapper (Pink)38
Spangled Emperor35
Western Australian Dhufish40

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