How to Fillet a Sharptooth Snapper (rib-in)

Konway fillets a Sharptooth Snapper using a rib-in filleting style. Leaving the ribs in and removing them in a separate step makes this style a bit slower than the two over-the-ribs styles we teach but this method is easier for most people to learn.

Sometimes you will see people fillet rib-in but instead of cracking the fillets off (as demonstrated in the video) they will cut through the rib bones with a forceful movement towards the head of the fish. We don't recommend this method because it tends to dull the edge on your knife.

It should be pointed out that when cracking the fillets off you do need to be careful not to twist the fillets too much or you can tear the flesh.

Be sure to check out the videos on removing the ribs and skinning the fillets next.

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